So I’m the most popular girl on the Internet right now

31 08 2009

By Jill Menze (@jillmenze)

Jay-Z at the Jelly NYC Pool Party

Jay-Z at the Jelly NYC Pool Party

For better or worse. In any case, allow me to explain. If you haven’t heard yet, Jay-Z and Beyonce made an appearance at the Vega/Beach House/Grizzly Bear show at the Jelly NYC Pool Party yesterday. No, HOVA did not join onstage, I didn’t start that rumor, but they were in attendance to catch Grizzly Bear’s performance.

I was skeptical myself at first when a friend mentioned they walked past (cause come on, your initial reaction to that is “WTF?”), but I turned around to see that yes, Jay-Z and Beyonce were being escorted through the VIP section to under a tent in the main area. Once the set ended, they were escorted back through to their car parked out back. The end.

Is this significant? Well, that’s debatable. Depends on who you ask and who would care. Sure, celebrities show up at shows in New York all the time, and Maura makes a few good points over at Idolator. But Jay and B weren’t chillin’ backstage at a dark nightclub; this was a sunny afternoon at a free indie rock show in Williamsburg. So suffice it to say, it was a little unusual, that’s for sure.

My girl crush on Beyonce was enough to make me run around like a silly fangirl to try and snap a picture. Which I did and subsequently posted to Twitter with a vodka-enhanced incoherent rambling that only made sense to me and probably eight of my Twitter friends who are subject to my incoherent ramblings on a daily basis via AIM. So, “Holy shit!!! Jay-z and beyonce at grizzly bear!! Fo realz just walkee by in vip here they r in crowd” it read, with the above picture attached.

I thought nothing of it, show ended, we went bowling, I bowled poorly, and I got home at lord knows what hour and flipped open my computer to find about 20 pages of retweets and more than 5,000 views of the photo. This morning my brother, with whom I had no contact the previous day, e-mails me a link to Entertainment Weekly who linked to the photo as well.

So yeah, word got around, unbeknownst to me at the time, and now I have to live with the guilt of being a misspelling journalist who hearts Beyonce and takes shitty pictures on her Blackberry. But regardless, popularity on the Internet is kinda fun!

And I will admit that I did in fact follow Jay and B to their car and snapped a couple more photos. You can’t really see much, but hey, if that distant profile shot of Jay-Z was so popular, perhaps these are worth something, too.

Outside Jay-Z and Beyonce's car at the Jelly NYC Pool Party

Outside Jay-Z and Beyonce's car at the Jelly NYC Pool Party

Outside Jay-Z and Beyonce's at the Jelly NYC Pool Party

Outside Jay-Z and Beyonce's car at the Jelly NYC Pool Party




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