Bri Blahg… Music News Round Up Friday August 28, 2009

28 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

First of all… horray for Matt and Kim playing on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Along with Passion Pit, Matt and Kim are the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

And the tweener girls go “doop ta doop ta doop to doop ooooooooo.” Death Cab For Cutie get the first single off the next Twilight Soundtrack. True story, when I was a kid my dad owned a grocery store in Forks, Washington. Apparently that’s the setting for those books right? Forks is a shit hole truth be told. In fact when dad talked about moving us out there from Port Angeles we kicked up such a fuss he changed his mind. Now that I’m a father I can understand the power of doing just about anything to get everyone in your house to shut the hell up for two seconds. Looking back on it, I’m kind of sad. They had logging class at Forks High School. I could have been a lumberjack!

Billboard has a handy preview of Virgin Mobile Free Fest. Blink 182 are playing. I have to say when I read the other day that the Blink tour was one of the few summer success stories I was a little surprised. I didn’t think the audience would be there for them anymore. Color me stupid.

Fresh from playing for lots of people at Lollapalooza, Dave Navarro of Janes Addiction played for not that many people with the insufferable Billy Corgan last night. Bonus! Billy was interviewed on Fresno’s “Action News!” You can watch that on the Spin story linked above, because I’d rather show you Action News Fresno circa 1978. “It’s 11 O’Clock, do you know where your children are?” Priceless!

Also thanks to Spin for this link to the UK’s Independent. Every artist has their price. If you have the scratch, even The Rolling Stones will play your wedding. Bonus fact: Amy Winehouse and Sir Paul McCartney are the same rate. I’d pay double and have them appear together. Bloody hell!

Thanks Jay Z, we all wanted to hear Rush Limbaugh talk about being on your balls. (“I’m holding in my formerly nicotine stained hands….”)

Rolling Stone reports Michael Jackson’s family sent the cops to his house the day after his death because they thought he was holding a bag of heroin. Turns out that wasn’t true, but they found a lot of other substances including good ole marijuana. What’s the munchies for someone like Michael Jackson? Emptying a McCauley Caulkin Pez dispenser into your face?

Also on Rolling Rivers Cuomo says “Undone (The Sweater Song) is a Metallica rip-off. Friendly advise Rivers; don’t goad Lars Ulrich into suing you. He’ll do it…. um, er, allegedly.

I love the Brits. NME says The Reading Festival kicked off with a debate. That sounds like a Python sketch to me.

Beth Ditto of The Gossip says she thought her friends were joking all these years when they told her she had ADHD.

Pitchfork has news of a previously unheard Elliott Smith song mysteriously washing up on the digital beach. “Grand Mal” is a delicate acoustic track and seems to me to be more of a demo. Where did it come from? Who knows…

As Rosanne Cash tells it her father gave her a list of 100 country songs and told her to learn them all. Today that list is the inspiration for a new album of collaborations. Stereogum picks up the story from there.

The Sub Pop Nike Sneeker... $75.00 Per Shoe

Jon Poneman strikes again. Sub Pop has teamed with Nike for a branded sneaker. Why now? They could have sold butt loads of those in 1992. Retail price? $150! I’ll let others howl in protest over third world sweatshop workers making Nike Sub Pop shoes for 5 cents an hour, and Mark Arm having to fulfill record store orders while running around the Sub Pop warehouse in shoes other than Nike Sub Pops because Poneman won’t give him a free pair.




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