Gig Guide: Wednesday August 26, 2009

26 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Clapperclaw Mpls 07


Ryan Olcott is a destroyer.

Olcott aka Foodteam destroys in order to save. The keyboards… forgotten, dusty, musty old synths, contraptions, and anachronisms. Using special powers he reanimates for his bizarre purposes. You’ll find Foodteam’s blurps and blips strangely calming if somewhat disorienting this evening at The Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis.

I could understand you’re confusion. There are at least three cool bands in Brooklyn, New York with “Bear” in their name.

One of them, Bear In Heaven , is perhaps the most interesting. They’re certainly the most subtle. You’ll need to give them time to reveal themselves to you at Black Cat in Washington Wednesday.

Fans of Mewithoutyou are alerted to a short tour going on now.

Brothers Aaron and Mike Weiss of the Mewithoutyou are joined by Mrs. Weiss, Mike’s wife Sarah and trumpet player Matt Chapin for a reinterpretation of the revered band’s work. Tonight the “Weiss Family Tour” stops off at Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill.

Off and on over the next several weeks, Weedeater will join The Melvins and Down for some shows.

Those are great bands, but don’t cheat yourself out of a night of pure punishment as Weedeater headline The Conservatory in Oklahoma City Wednesday.

6X is a rappin, rhymin’, writin, prophetess of true hip hop. She’s also a former High School Chemistry teacher.

I know right, that’s a new one on me too. Miss 6X will be teaching class at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona tonight.

Record producer Cameron Webb said of Black Them Boots “you guys are like a female version of The Breeders.”

Har har…. If you like old school indie rock with lots of guitar sliding and careening everywhere then Black Them Boots are in all seriousness just the thing. Hit em up tonight in Salt Lake City at The Woodshed.




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