Gig Guide: Tuesday August 25, 2009

25 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Rebecca Muir photo by Jess Ross

Rebecca Muir’s experiences at Berklee School Of Music are sort of like a computer science major writing code with Bill Gates.

Muir performed with Steve Winwood and Linda Rondstadt among others. Now graduated, she does her school proud with her white hot soul singing. Get your education tonight at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

San Francisco’s French Miami brandish the weapons of rock, then shoot you with knives and stab you with guns.

Their attack comes at you from several directions at once. French Miami sound arty, but never in a fussy way. It’s visceral stuff. Sign on for adventure listening at The Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky tonight.

Florida band Jacob’s Ladder will not be confined.

On “Who Pulled The Breaks” they’re almost an emo Red Hot Chili Peppers….. On “Ring Ring” they touch down in Kingston, Jamaica… and on “White Magic” they kick around some prog metal ideas. Tonight the Miami indie band swings through Tasty World in Athens, Georgia.

I’ve never met the members of Anavan, but I get the feeling they approach their always exuberant electro pop honestly.

That is to say there’s a joy in their music rather than a tight t-shirt and ironic mustache wink and a nudge. And you can dance to Anavan too. Straight from LA’s Smell scene, Anavan get down at The Fallout Lounge in Dallas Tuesday night.

The Fruitbats were born in 1999 out of the ashes of Chicago’s Rowboat.

Ten years on, The Fruit Bats are now signed to Sub Pop and working as hard as ever. On their present tour they’re doing several in stores, and in some cases doubling up…. Playing early for all ages, and later for the grown ups. Oh, and their new album “The Ruminant Band” is really good too. Check em tonight in San Francisco… First at their Amoeba Records in store, and then at The Independent.

And it’s good to see So. Cal band Limbeck back in action.

I’m following the band on Twitter and they are complaining about being in Salem, Oregon last night. “Salem sucks, there are no witches, and our hotel is next to a prison.” I’m sure they’ll find Seattle more to their liking as they hit Chop Suey for a show tonight.




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