Girl Talk insanity ensues at Williamsburg pool party

24 08 2009

By Jill Menze (@jillmenze)

Girl Talk at Bonnaroo 2009

Girl Talk at Bonnaroo 2009

So, uh, that Girl Talk show at the Jelly NYC Pool Party yesterday was a shitshow, no? True there was no Chewbacca, and I assume, unlike at Bonnaroo, less drugs were circulating throughout the crowd, but it was definitely the most craziness the Williamsburg Waterfront has seen all summer.

Sure, the show was free, and Girl Talk is a pretty good time, but the turnout was unexpectedly massive. The line for the main gate stretched far beyond vision, and even the VIP entrance saw a surge of people rush the gate to try and break in. I luckily made it in right before they cut entrance off, only to find myself next to a drunk hipster arguing hopelessly to pay some hella $$ for a VIP band (which really doesn’t get you much once they cut off the free booze).

Police were escorting out kids climbing over Port-A-Pottys, wine bottles were smashed, the Olsen twins were busying about. At one point the show was paused because the stage was “breaking” from too many people up there dancing. It was a nutty time, indeed, and all for some Red Hot Chili Peppers and Missy Elliott mash-ups and toilet paper guns. Gregg Gillis, enjoy the popularity while you can.




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24 08 2009
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