Bri Blahg: Music News Round Up Monday August 24, 2009

24 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Our own Jill Menze fought her way into the now infamous Girl Talk show over the weekend in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Vegan were there as well. I wish people still went this nuts for people who play instruments. That would be cool.


Chewbacca Dancing To Girl Talk At Bonnaroo

Cameron Crowe’s new clip for Pearl Jam’s “The Fixer” is out. The bits and pieces of the album I’ve heard are encouraging.

Kiss have announced their 35th anniversary tour. They’ve actually been together longer than that, but why quibble. And now the funniest Kiss video ever “World Without Heroes” from their concept album Music From The Elder. Watch to the end and see Gene cry from all the money they spent making this truly goofy record:

Jay Z’s September 11 Madison Square Garden gig will be a benefit.

NIN play entire Downward Spiral at Farewell NYC gig. I’m laying money right now that Nine Inch Nails will tour again within five years. That said I’m glad I saw them at Bonnaroo.

Slipknot member hospitalized, Northwest shows canceled. As is often the case with the most brutal bands, their members are actually very nice people as you’ll see here.

I like The Spinto Band. They have a new e.p. and tour.

News of a Bat For Lashes “Two Suns” deluxe edition affords me another chance to froth about how great they were at Lollapalooza

Last week we told you about Karen O’s soundtrack work. Now you can hear a track.

A widely bootlegged and only briefly available 1978 Elvis Costello show will get it’s proper commercial release at long last. We can go legit now.

Rivers Cuomo says Rainn Wilson named the forthcoming Weezer record “Raditude.” All is forgiven. By the way was anyone else disappointed by “The Rocker?” It just wasn’t nearly as good as I had hoped. Still a fan though.

I know some kids dig old music. That said, I can’t imagine why Def Leppard is running one of those we’ll visit your high school contests.

Donewaiting reports that the mega talented RJD2 has launched his own record label.

I heard the new Radiohead tune on XM this morning. Not bad. It’s free too.




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26 08 2009

I think that’s actually sasquatch -> he (or she?) came down from Seattle to be there

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