Gig Guide: Saturday August 22/Sunday August 23, 2009

22 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

The Patio, Indianapolis

New Duncan Imperials

20 years it’s been. New Duncan Imperials are back, and still wearing those damned straw hats.

They’ve even bothered to update portions of their website, but not the band bio which is now over a decade old. I guess what NDI is trying to say is that they still play catchy punk sing alongs about food, driving and fabric. New Duncan Imperials play Saturday at Rascals in Moline, Illinois.

California Wives haven’t been together long, but seem to have honed in on who they are.

The Chicago four piece write taut, catchy post punk tunes you can dance to. Sunday they play early for all ages, 5pm at Reggie’s in The Windy City.

<a href= Brendon James Wright  </a> is just a regular guy.

The singer/songwriter writes about long distance lovers, prisoners, and hard working folks like himself. If you go see him Saturday, be prepared to take the stage yourself. Wright has been known to invite people on stage while he ducks out for a beer. Brendon James Wright And The Wrongs play Saturday at Barley’s in Knoxville.

Texas ass kickers The Hex Dispensers have a 7″ coming in a couple weeks.

Sunday afternoon is a great chance to see them. They’re doing a 5pm in store at the legendary Waterloo Records in Austin.

When I saw their name…. Buffalo Death Beam , I had something else in mind.

Turns out they’re not a loud, psychedelically inclined band, but rather a humble Pullman, Washington folk group. Hey that’s fine too. Buffalo Death Beam perform on Washington State University’s campus Saturday night.

Before J. Tillman joined Fleet Foxes, the Seattle artist had a thriving solo career.

Tillman’s solo material will please any fan of Fleet Foxes. That said, his music tends to be a bit more on the melancoly side, not unlike the more stripped down work of the late Elliott Smith. Tillman performs in San Francisco Sunday at Cafe Du Nord.




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