Bri Blahg… Music News Round Up Friday August 21, 2009

21 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)



Weezer have named their forthcoming album Raditude. Weezer need to not try so hard to make people think they don’t give a shit.

Norah Jones’ next record pop jazz is reportedly left behind in favor of contributions by Ryan Adams, and Will Sheff of Okkervil River. Perhaps she wants to explore the music she makes with her bar band The Little Willies a bit deeper:

Thanks for the warning. Meat Loaf is making a record with Green Day producer Rob Cavallo. There’s only one way it will sell. He has to call it “Bat Out Of Hell.” Every time he doesn’t call a record “Bat Out Of Hell” it flops. Go back and look.

Rob Zemeckis is in talks to remake The Yellow Submarine. Here’s the kicker; Disney is going to be involved. I don’t want to hear that jerk-off from “High School Musical” sing “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” either, but it seems inevitable. What is that kid’s name? The one with the hair in his face. We’ll call him “Comb Over Poopy Face.” Don’t argue that’s what we’re calling him.

Comb Over Poopy Face

Did you know Robert Pollard had a new record out? I didn’t either until just now. It’s pretty good so far. “Johnny Optimist” sounds like very late period, post Keith Moon, Who. That’s not a bad thing, that band had some good songs. Bobby is impossible to keep up with. “When A Man Walks Away” would fit in nicely with Guided By Voices I think. Nice work! It’s called Elephant Jokes by the way, and four tracks in I’m going to recommend it highly.

The two guys that stayed in Panic At The Disco are plotting their next move. Fellas you have the name, just find a couple of other jerks that fit the suits and hire them. Hey it worked for Kiss. No one will know the difference.

Jim Lindberg has left Pennywise. Reportedly he’s trying to develop his book Punk Rock Dad into a movie. I recommend that Disney make it and it’ll star Comb Over Poopy Face.

Boy the Brits love Pete Doherty don’t they? Babyshambles are getting back together, and then, perhaps Libertines too. I think Doherty just needs to get back together before he messes with all this other stuff.

Brits love The Bravery more than we do too. That’s why NME is the one reporting on their new album and tour.

I just reached track 12 on the new Pollard. “Don’t you just like college” he slurs. “Seven or eight Years/make it one more!” It’s called “Hippsville (Where The Frisbees Fly Forever).” My friend Scott went to Evergreen State College for seven years, and he would smack golf balls around campus just to piss off all the frisbee playing hippies. Anyway it’s Scott’s birthday this weekend. Happy birthday Scott.

I don’t know why the leaking of The Stones never released documentary “Cocksucker Blues” is being reported so breathlessly. I saw it years ago on a bootlegged video. Perhaps I should watch it sober next time because I don’t remember much of anything about it. Maybe Disney could remake that too.

You wanna know what a tough ticket looks like. Try getting in to see Nine Inch Nails at The Bowery Ballroom Saturday. That’s a cool venue by the way. I saw Dan Auerbach there in March. Great atmosphere, and solid beer selection.

Speaking of New York, Brooklyn is now officially at full hipster capacity now that Bjork has closed on a house with her artist/husband (or is that husband/artist?)

And congratulations to our new pal Joe Pug. He’s booked a bunch of dates opening for Steve Earle. Pug is an exciting young talent. Hey don’t take my word for it, ask NBC’s Brian Williams:





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