Gig Guide: Tuesday August 18, 2009

18 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Italy was fun.

Twin Cities punks Off With Their Heads cop to being a “whole new level of offensive.” I think they mean well, they’re just being themselves. Their North American tour hits The Talking Head in Baltimore tonight.

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They were formed during music class at Cal Santa Barbara.Reggae rockers Rebelution have kept the party going all over America. Tuesday their happy grooves will fill Schubas in Chicago.


The Morning Of are calling their current schedule “The End Of The World As We Know It” Tour.If this is indeed the end, the soundtrack will be well scrubbed pop punk. Tonight they’re in Orlando at Will’s Pub.

The Morning Of

If you haven’t seen and or heard Mos Def, then you’re either dead or in a coma.  Mos Def the actor was in Cadillac Records last year and he gained acclaim for his season five one episode turn on House. Mos Def the rapper has “The Ecstatic” out now too and he’s live in Dallas at The House Of Blues Tuesday.

Mos Def

Austin’s Lions play huge boot stomp sludge rock ala early Soundgarden.  You might have played along to their song “Metal Heavy Lady” on Guitar Hero III. Tonight it’s the real thing at The Hi Dive in Denver.


And Agent Ribbons play the kind of music you might hear in your head when you flip through great grandma’s old photo album.  The kind of music that makes you realize granny was young once, and perhaps had impure thoughts.  The Sacramento three piece perform at Modified Arts in Phoenix tonight.

Agent Ribbons




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