Gig Guide: Monday August 17, 2009

17 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Eagle Tavern w/ Pansy Division (photographer Trevor Baker)


With songs about their mothers, the fbi, oprah, and staph infections Boats! will answer all of life’s questions to a terrific pogo worthy back beat. Tonight they fall into The Radio Room in San Diego.

Members of The Script came to America from Ireland a few years back, worked with the likes of Teddy Riley and Dallas Austin, but it wasn’t until they went home again, and picked up a third member that things started to click. The alt pop band have a few more U.S. dates this time around including tonight at The Rock N Roll Hotel.

The Script> The Script

If you’ve seen the movie, Milwaukee hardcore band Cougar Den are the punk rock version of Charlton Heston telling the world that Soyent Green was people. Mmmm Soyent Green. Tonight they’ll crash into Reggie’s in Chicago.

Cougar Den

Nashville by way of L.A. and Omaha rockers Harlott won’t catch swine flu. They’ve probably already had it and a bunch of other stuff. Rock hard and germ free at Stillwater in Music City Monday.


Maybe she’ll come back… Emiliana Torrini’s tour in advance of her September new album is brief in The U.S. After playing Boston on Saturday she’s all the way over in Seattle at The Crocodile Cafe Monday evening.

Emiliana Torrini




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