Gig Guide: Saturday August 15, Sunday August 16, 2009

15 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

White Rabbits

Last weekend in Chicago we heard White Rabbits getting some radio love on WXRT. If all stations were that good radio would be saved. Check out our White Rabbits feature right here and then pay the band a visit Sunday at The National in Richmond, Virginia.

With the name Noise FM this Lawrence, Kansas alt band seeks to communicate in short hand. The FM part is a nod to their hook laden songs… The Noise part means they do it with a touch of skuzz. 18 plus get in to see them at The Jackpot in Lawrence Saturday.

Noise FM

Jon Snodgrass of the great Colorado alt country band Drag The River is wandering around solo. With him is kick ass Columbus, Ohio combo Two Cow Garage. Make sure you’re on time to see them Sunday at The Mercury Lounge.

Jon Snodgrass

Two Cow Garage

If you’ve lived in Alabama, and gone out for beers and some good ole live rock n roll, then you’ve run across Heath Green. Green sounds great all alone, or with a band and horn section too. Friday he’s got the boys behind him at Stillwater in Birmingham.

Heath Green

UK music blog declared themselves at a loss for words in describing Reno, Nevada’s The Touques. I am similarly touque tied. They’re sort of a punk rock Frank Zappa. How about that. Better yet, get off your ass and see them at West Street Market in Reno Saturday.

The Touques




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