Gig Guide: Friday August 14, 2009

14 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Angela Perley

When Angela Perley started playing in Athens, Ohio she recorded all of her music alone on the front porch. You could hear people, cars and real life going on all around her. Lately Perley has been developing her songs up in Columbus with a band and producer Fred Blitzer. Tonight Perley goes back to her roots solo and acoustic at The Donkey in Athens.

I like this… Rock n soul band Adam And The Waxmen say they’re influenced by the people up front. Que up and be heard at The Big Easy in Portland, Maine Friday.

Adam And The Waxmen

Morningbell are after the transcendent with their songs and shows. Their sound is vast and will keep you vertical tonight at Bo Diddley’s in Gainesville, Florida.


The Gunship is a band we like to keep one peeper on. The band says the Okie indie rockers are working on full length number 2 and playing live Friday at The Deli in Norman.

The Gunship

When Stardeath And White Dwarfs tour with The Flaming Lips starting tomorrow, I wonder if they will have to help set up and take down The Lips stuff? That’s because the band is comprised of The Flaming Lips road crew. Tonight they have one final headline set first at Plush in Tucson.

Star Death And White Dwarfs

And with bands like Pure Joy, Flop, and Llama on his resume along with his solo material, Seattle’s Rusty Willoughby can take his place with all the great artists Seattle has produced. Take a swing through all his stuff online and you’ll agree. Tonight Rusty appears at The Comet Tavern in Seattle.

Rusty Willoughby




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