Bri Blahg… August 13, 2009 Music News Round Up

13 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


By far the biggest story of the day is the death of Les Paul. It is impossible to overstate his importance to modern music. Paul was 94. Just below we posted some stuff we shot last fall for Rolling Stone. Guitar heavyweights like Slash and Billy Gibbons gathered in Cleveland late last year to pay tribute to the man himself.

“It Might Get Loud” is the documentary on a the Yalta like summit featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White. reports that in the film Page played some new material he’s been working on. The trailer is pretty cool. I found it on You Tube, but people had gunked it all up so go here instead.

Meanwhile Stereogum has posted Jack White’s new one-sided single. People are excited that it sounds like old White Stripes. I suppose it does.

NME says Weezer’s next record is coming in October. Other than “Pork And Beans” the last one was a resounding dud. Here’s hoping we do better this time right fellas.

Did a new Radiohead song leak?

A member of UK band Kasabian has Swine Flu.

So Miley Cyrus emerged from a trailer and did a pole dance at something called The Teen Choice Awards.


By God there’s a joke in there somewhere by I’m too tired to find it. If you’re scoring at home:

1. Yes this was contrived.

2. Yes Billy Ray Cyrus approved.

3. Yes she’s now begun to shed her Disney Channel cocoon.

4. Yes she’ll do more “shocking” things in the coming months.

a. She’ll be photographed in the VIP section of a Hollywood Nightclub smoking and drinking.

b. She’ll later vomit in the back of an Escalade belonging to the star of MTV’s Gossip Vampire Twilight Super Sweet 16.

c. She’ll appear on Larry King with her daddy and Larry will defecate in his own pants.

5. No I don’t give a shit. Next.

NME reports Yoko Ono gave the developers of Rock Band Beatles hell, mainly about the look of the game. I think they should develop Rock Band Yoko Ono. Imagine the fun at parties.

And is it just me, or is it just wrong that Johnny Cash is going to be a Guitar Hero character. I doubt The Man In Black would approve. Then again you never know. This episode of The Johnny Cash show featured Cash talking to kids about dope and Neil Young singing about it:

Lately we’ve heard much about people on both sides of the health care debate mostly screaming at each other. Now Pitchfork reports that Fiery Furnaces have turned their tour into a traveling health care rally.

Dr. Dre is reportedly working with Hewlett Packard to improve the MP3.

Scarlett Johanson and Pete Yorn have made a video for their forthcoming album. I can’t get the damn thing to embed so just go here. Cripes why don’t Scarlett and Zooey Deschanel just have a knife fight or something. Seriously though I like the record Zooey did with M. Ward. This song is ok I guess. Next I think Zooey should up the ante by doing an album with Mark E. Smith of The Fall.




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