Trevor Hall gets a fresh start

9 08 2009

While it may seem like it, Lollapalooza isn’t the only thing going on in Chicago this weekend. Thursday night, after checking into our hotel, we ran over to Beat Kitchen to see our buddy, singer/songwriter Trevor Hall.

After recording an album for Geffen Records that was never released, Trevor Hall was dropped from the label a few months ago. Since then, Trevor has released 2 records, one of which on Vanguard. We spoke with the 22-year-old about his new self-titled LP.



3 responses

9 08 2009
Allie Smith

This show was seriously amazing. There was a sense of oneness and wholeness during Trevor Hall’s performance that I’ve never experienced at any another show. Maybe it’s his empowering lyrics of peace and love, or maybe it was the audience being able to relate so well to what he sings about. Whatever it was, there was a shift in energy at the Beat Kitchen that night, and I’m so lucky I got to experience it!

30 08 2009
Lewis Cooper

I just saw Trevor for the third time recently in Denver, he has the same effect everywhere he goes, I thinks it’s his authenticity that does it. Check you the photos I took on my website and I have a couple videos of him at past shows on YouTube.


2 09 2009
Allie Smith

I love your website and photos! Brett Dennen has been a favorite for a while, check out his song ‘Ain’t No Reason’.

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