Bri Blahg… Lollapalooza Saturday…. Late Afternoon. Bum Shoulders and Scottish Burrs.

9 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Glasvegas' James Allan

Brothers James and Rab Allan of Mercury Prize nominated Glasvegas drifted by for an interview mid afternoon Saturday. The lads didn’t seem impressed by the thought of winning the prestigious award. The lightning fast Nick Jones and Dan Hoffman have already put together a piece here. We also have some other video of the boys questioning the modesty of their charming drummer Caroline McKay. “Don’t be fooled,” said James, “she’ll f%$# anything that moves.” I’m pretty sure they were just taking the piss out of her as they say. We’ll put that video up soon. I caught part of Glasvegas’ set late afternoon. At SXSW they didn’t do much for me, but I have to say as I listen to the record more their Jesus And Mary Chain meets Phil Spector and Frankie Valli sound is growing on me.

L.A. duo No Age were next for me. The kids were all the more fired up upon learning guitar player Randy Randall had to perform sitting down owing to a separated shoulder. Taped into a sling, he didn’t look very comfortable, but we all appreciated the effort. It had to be painful and everyone jumped up and down in a show of solidarity. That’s punk rock I think, at least that’s how I like to think of it. I have some Flip video of No Age and as soon as I can get it rendered, chopped, topped, and smothered I’ll put that right on up here. “How many of you are on Vicodin?” asked Randall. Well it wasn’t all bad for him I guess.

Lollapalooza hasn’t screwed much of anything up this weekend. It’s a very well run event. The one error they did make was putting Santigold on too early, and on too small a venue. The area around The Playstation Stage was mobbed. I couldn’t get close enough to hear let alone see. Bummer, I was looking forward to finally checking out her thing. DJ LA Riots picked up the slack in the club area. Don’t ask me about dance culture, Dj’s, raves, and the like. It’s not my area. That said Mr. Riots whirled up a fine ruckus and had the kids throwing their hands in the air. I suspect that’s the measure of success in his business. I don’t know if all dj’s do this, but Riots would lick his fingers like my grandmother turning Bible pages whenever he was going to pull off an especially whack move. When he moistened his tips I knew we were about to get it.


Rise Against's Tim McIlrath


Rise Against's Zach Blair

Rise Against topped off my daytime activity. Flying out of the Bad Religion school of agit hardcore, you could tell the Chicago native sons were pretty amped to be there. They flew around the 2016 stage like they were trying to escape a burning warehouse. The thousands before them pumped fists in unison as front man Tim McIllrath reminded The Chicago police stationed about the grounds that they beat up hippies in Chicago 41 years ago. Beating up hippies is not cool.

Leaving the grounds to eat raw meat and take a cold shower to prepare for Tool, I didn’t look the police in the eye. I’m not a hippy, but I was playing it safe nonetheless.




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