Bri Blahg… Lollapalooza Friday Afternoon. I Saw A 9 Year Old Kid Playing Sabbath

7 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


Yuto Miyazawa, Lollapalooza 2009

That’s Yuto Miyazawa, a nine year old Japanese kid recognized by The Guinness Book Of World’s Records as the youngest ever professional guitar player. I walked by the kids stage in time for him to bash through Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” Wicked, if a bit disturbing. Hit the jump to check out Yuto shredding “Crazy Train” on Ellen.

A steady rain began just before show time late this morning and hasn’t abated. If this were a Cubs game they might cover the infield. Not here though. We will get this one in.

I feel bad for Hockey. They suffered a power outage during their first song, but with good humor threw beers into the audience. Is there anything free beer can’t do? After that they could have blown me off, but the Portland troopers showed for their interview regardless. We talked about when we might expect their Capitol label debut (October… they think), trying to speak to Bruce Springsteen, and feature films shot in Spokane (we came up with three). We’ll post that later today.

Our well appointed media compound features free booze (no it’s too early) energy drinks, water, and power bars. Photographer Gary Orr (@GaryOrr8) has eaten at least ten already. Gary is the closest thing I know to a Marine. Perhaps he’s hoping his colon will shut down for the weekend so he doesn’t have to waste time pooping.

As we await Perry Farrell for our promised on camera confab we’ve been digging Black Joe Lewis on the Chicago 2016 stage to my left. Is it just me or is he kicking even more ass than when I saw him at SXSW? I think so.




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