Gig Guide: 8/6/2009

6 08 2009

by Brian Phillips (@brianblahg)

Photo by Joe Mozdzen

Our pal Trevor Hall recorded an album for Geffen. Geffen buried it. Now newly signed to Vanguard, Trevor’s new album “Lace Up Your Shoes” is finally out. Join us at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen for his show tonight.

Trevor Hall

Warlocks front man Bobby Hecksher has played with Beck, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre… He also hung out with the late Timothy Leary, which should give you some idea as to where his band is coming from. They don’t travel by bus, they float by cloud. We’re going to drift into The Empty Bottle in Chicago for their headline set tonight.

The Warlocks

The members of alt rock band Ashutto Mirra met at a show at their hometown landmark 40 Watt Club. Just a few months later they’re recording and playing all over Georgia. Tonight they play for you at Rye Bar in Athens.

Ashutto Mirra

Once upon a time Bill Mallonee was in a fine Athens, Georgia band too. Vigilantes Of Love built themselves a rather large cult following, and heeps of praise. Paste Magazine has even made Mallonee part of their “100 Greatest Living Songwriters” list. You’ll be in good hands tonight at Sticky Fingerz in Little Rock.

Bill Mallonee

Jason Hann and Michael Travis of String Cheese Incident can’t practice for their shows as the electronica duo Eoto. Everything they do in improvised. Just go with their flow at The Blvd in Spokane tonight.





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