Gig Guide: August 3, 2009

3 08 2009

Sam Bradley

If you grew up in LA, you grew up with KROQ.

The world famous KROQ was playing alternative music before people called it alternative music. It gave bands like TheStart a different perspective. TheStart are cool, a bit dark and arty, but always danceable. Tonight Thestart headline The Mercury Lounge in New York.


I think music writer Ian Rankin put it pretty well.

Writing about Scottish instrumental band Mogwai, he said reactions are in the ear of the beholder. Where one hears sadness, another hears laughter. I’ll add that you’ve never heard anything like them. Catch Mogwai before they leave America tomorrow. They’re at The 9:30 Club in Washington tonight.


Brit singer/songwriter Sam Bradley got a gift from his mother.

Actually two gifts… Talent and a guitar. Bradley was 16 then though, and didn’t want to be like mom, a musician herself… So he let it sit in the corner. Eventually Bradley grew up a bit, and started to learn. Now Bradley’s star is on the rise, having written “Never Think” with Twilight star Robert Pattinson. That song is on the soundtrack. Bradley is solo at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas tonight.

Sam Bradley

Sometimes Texas metal band Iron Age sound like a Dinosaur struggling to extricate itself from a boiling tar pit.

And suddenly they’re a herd of stampeding buffalo. Either way they’re heavy as you’ll find tonight at The Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco.

Iron Age

Jason Lytle…. Jason Lytle… why does that sound familiar?

Lytle is the onetime frontman of revered indie band Grandaddy. Lytle’s solo career is in fine shape now that he’s signed to Anti Records. He just finished some shows opening for Neko Case and he’s the the headliner tonight at The Bluebird Theater in Denver.

Jason Lytle




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