Bri Blahg… Lips Sampler Throws Me Off Embryonic Trail

29 07 2009

by Brian Phillips (@brianblahg)


September 29 marks the release of The Flaming Lips new album Embryonic. In advance Warner Brothers has issued a three song sampler.

“Convinced Of The Hex” is something I don’t recall hearing from The Lips; their take on Drums ‘N Bass really.

“The Impulse” musically is more in line with the band’s last ten years of dreamy second hand store electronic psychedelia. (I don’t mean that as a slam. A lot of their instrumentation seems cooked up on an assortment of misfit toys.) The vocals on this track are run through some sort of vocal synth.

“Silver Trembling Hands” is early Pink Floyd re animated by Primal Scream circa the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

All three tracks seemed designed to throw us off the trail. What trail I’m not quite certain. What I can look forward to, as always, is a unique listening experience.




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