Bri Blahg… Perez Hilton Signs First Act. Name Is Perfect.

27 07 2009

by Brian Phillips (@brianblahg)



French pop singer Sliimy is the first signee to Perez Hilton’s new Warner Brothers distributed vanity label. Is it just me or does Sliimy look like a cross between Prince and Napoleon Dynamite?

The music? Gooey, fluffy pop it seems. Sliimy even covers “Pass The Dutchie.” That tune was a number one single for Musical Youth in 1983. The original was called “Pass The Kutchie” by reggae outfit The Mighty Diamonds. “Kutchie” is a marijuana reference. Cleaned up for mass consumption, the tune earned The Mighty Diamonds lots of dough with which they could spend on pot. And the wheel in the sky keeps on turning my friends.

Check out “Pass The Kutchie” here.




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