Bri Blahg… Apple Has New Plan To Save Majors From Themselves. It Has A Code Name Too!

27 07 2009

by Brian Phillips (@brianblahg)

The Financial Times is reporting that Apple has teamed with the major record labels for a new venture. Code named “Cocktail,” the project is a new tablet style device that would recreate the album experience. Near as I can figure, Apple’s Itunes store will offer deluxe album packages for a premium price. Consumers would receive the music, video, pictures, liner notes, and lyrics to download directly to this new Kindle like hand held.

Apple’s success with portable devices is the envy of the tech industry. I don’t doubt their ability to bring a cool gadget to the marketplace. That said I can’t see this being the savior of the major label business model either. Rather than price their products attractively the labels continue to search for ways to get people to buy music they clearly do not want. There aren’t many who love albums more than I do, but I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a contraption that allows me to pay higher prices for full lengths just so I can have some pretty pictures.

The major labels haven’t built anything resembling a viable path to the future and instead have left themselves at the mercy of Apple to figure it out for them. Apple on the other hand just wants to make cool shit they know you’ll buy. What you put on it, and how you get it on there is hardly their concern.



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