Dirty Projectors bring all of Brooklyn out for Pool Party

20 07 2009

By Jill Menze (@jillmenze)

Jelly NYC Pool Party

Jelly NYC Pool Party

Last week’s Pool Party was a good time at the Williamsburg Waterfront, and yesterday’s show was a hit, too. Granted this is mostly due to the great weather, great views and great (but limited, mind you) free booze, but great (or at least pretty good) bands don’t hurt, either. Sunday afternoon saw Long Beach, Calif.’s Crystal Antlers, Jason Molina’s Magnolia Electric Co. and the buzziest of indie buzz bands Dirty Projectors take to the stage, and wow, was there a long line of people outside. Not sure if it was the epic preportion of when MGMT played McCarren last summer (methinks probably not), but it might be damn near close.

Though nearly all band members of Crystal Antlers were feeling a bit under the weather before the set (I think something is going around, as I sit here myself coughing with no voice), they still delivered a high-energy set of raw, ramshackle rock that worked up those lucky enough to make it in early. Magnolia Eelectric Co. had somewhat of an opposite effect, with breezy, organ-driven pop that floated through the outdoor space.

While I’ve said my piece with Dirty Projectors before and how I did enjoy the group’s set at Bonnaroo, I can’t say I felt the same way yesterday. Maybe I wasn’t close enough or maybe I was music-ed out by that point of the concert-filled weekend (or maybe it’s this head cold?), but the set was lost on me, the off-kilter harmonies coming off more jarring than unique. I’ll give David Longstreth credit for his ability to shape-shift and toy with sounds in such a way, and vocalist Amber Coffman killed “Stillness is the Move,” but I just wasn’t feeling it at that moment. Next week, though, I’m going apeshit (per usual) for Trail of Dead. Bring it!




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