Bri Blahg… How Daughtry Got Chad Kroeger To Write Him A Song

9 07 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)


“No Surprise” is a song on Daughtry’s new album “Leave This Town.” Apparantly he got it from Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Here’s how it went down:

Chad Kroeger: Hello.

Chris Daughtry: Hey it’s Daughtry.

CK: Roger Daltrey?

CD: Daughtry.

CK: Sorry man, it just occurred to me how fuckin cool it would be if Roger Daltrey was calling me eh. What can I do for you Daughtry? I’m very busy. I’m watching the help shine my alligator boots. They’re imported. I look good in them. Oh God.

CD: What is it Chad?

CK: I just wrote another song.

CD: Just now?

CK: Yeah eh, I write while I’m doing other stuff. It’s like there’s a place in my brain where Nickelback songs just come from. My subgenius writes all these fucking cool songs and I’m free to do other stuff. Like for instance ride my motorcycle. It’s a Yamaha. Anyway, do you want the fuckin song I just wrote, just now? You can have it as long as I get paid eh.

CD: What’s it called?

CK: Listen Daughtry I don’t have time for a lot of questions. I’m going mountain climbing this afternoon. Actually the rest of the band are going mountain climbing. Fuck that shit. It’s called “No Surprise” and it’s all fucking powerful and shit. It’s about how I’m in this fucking relationship and I’m telling this bitch that I was around here too long and she shouldn’t be surprised that I’m through with that shit right?

CD: How does it go, like the hook and the melody?

CK: Jesus Daughtry. It’s got a lot of fucking power chords and you sing “it’s no surprise I won’t be here tomorrow” and it’s got some shit that rhymes with tomorrow. You’ve already ruined the fucking song, I don’t want it, take it.

CD: Do you want to sing it with me?

CK: (Mocking) Do you want to sing it with me? No I don’t want to fucking sing it with you. Holy shit on a biscuit Daughtry. If you were up here in Vancouver right now I’d kick you with my alligator boots. I’m busy. I’m going fucking kayaking tomorrow morning and we’re going to film the whole fucking thing and put it on You Tube and Twitter and Facebook and shit.

Here’s the finished product in all it’s glory…




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