Break out the glow sticks, it’s time to get down

5 07 2009

By Justin Jacobs (@justinhjacobs)

Take 30,000 kids hyped up on the noodle-dancing of The Dead, add thousands of glow sticks and neon body paint and let the raves begin.

MSTRKRFT blew up the Sherwood Court stage and shrank the open, boundless area to a sweaty warehouse party.
The DJ duo roped in Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.,” chopped up and rebuilt, of course, and played Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsondy” in near-entirety. Who says hipsters and hippies can’t appreciate the classics, albeit cheesy ones?

But good God, the pulsing beats didn’t stop there.

DJ getup EOTO burst any eardrums that weren’t already ruptured with a set of slowed down, Titanic bass beats with an elaborate video show that could get a Narcotics agent to start tripping.

Though numbers began to dwindle towards 4 a.m., there was a party to be had all throughout the tent grounds until it was time for breakfast.

Time of my body slumping over in a tent dead asleep: 6:30 a.m.

Time to wake up and check out Sunday’s lineup — with Yonder Mountain String Band, The Hold Steady, Ani DiFranco, Gov’t Mule and (way, way past his prime but always worth checking out, even for bragging rights of saying “I saw him play”) Bob Dylan.




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