The Road to Rothbury ends … eventually

2 07 2009

By Justin Jacobs (@justinhjacobs)


Hello, music-hungry masses.

Justin Jacobs here, your tour guide for the weekend. I’ll be blogging from Rothbury Festival — the better line-up, smaller-crowd cousin of Bonnaroo, tucked deep away in the woods of upstate Michigan — for the next four days.

The trip up from Indianapolis this morning was a long and arduous one, but it’s hard to complain when my tent-mates trekked from Colorado, a trip that spread 22 hours of their lives over much of the continental United States. (Ed note: oof.)

What’s more, upon my arrival, a crew of Boulder, Colo., natives had already set up camp a minute’s walk from the festival grounds, complete with six tents circling a heavily blanketed common area in the middle, which, if it rains tonight, will turn into Woodstock ’94-level mud. Welcome to good living.

Though Thursday nights are commonly the slowest night of any festival — many folks can’t swing two days off — Rothbury’s huge, wooded expanse on Double JJ Ranch is already crawling with activity.

And with tonight’s lineup featuring the one-two-three sonic punch of Keller Williams, Lotus and closers The Disco Biscuits (who, unless something goes terribly wrong, will play until near-daylight), Rothbury’s opening eve is only going to get better.

Keep following for coverage throughout the weekend, including photos and video of the festivities.

Time to check out Mr. Williams.




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