Bri Blahg… Regina Spektor’s “Far” Gets Close Up To You

23 06 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

Being that there’s no money in music anymore (hell there’s no money in anything… except if you work at Goldman Sachs.) even the major labels are discovering the wonders of letting an artist make a great record by just being themselves. Regina Spektor’s latest “Far” is, to borrow a word from another era, delightful. I know good lord put an apron on me right. The bunt cake for the ladies auxiliary meeting will be right out of the oven girls.

Spektor’s just released new Warner Brothers album is spare, and airy. I picture a room with a worn wood slat floor, a couple of hard back chairs, an open window and a freshly tuned baby grand piano. It may be called “Far,” but Spektor got closer than you think. As I was listening to tracks like “Human Of The Year,” “Dance Anthem Of The 80’s,” and most notably the empathetic “Genius Next Door” I pictured her lurking about the neighborhood jotting observations. Spektor wasn’t looking for dirt, she was looking for people and through them, God, love, disappointment, despair, and joy. Human stuff. Her voice is clear, the arrangements simple. It’s not easy listening (to borrow another phrase from a bygone era) but it is easy to listen to.




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