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13 06 2009

Sorry. Skipped that. And glad I did, to catch one of my all-time 15-year-old favs the Beastie Boys, actual-buzz-worthy buzz band Phoenix, and Public Enemy performing “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” in its entirety (also attempted: the shitshow that was Girl Talk. High-five to our boy Dan for wiggling his way up to the front for dance-party mayhem).

The Beastie Boys drew an insanely massive crowd over to the What tent, and as to not disappoint, they loaded up the set with crowd-pleasing hits like “Paul Revere,” “No Sleep Til Brooklyn,” “Super Disco Breakin'” and “Intergalactic,” alongside a couple tunes from the group’s forthcoming effort. Fellow New York rapper Nas joined the group onstage briefly, which saw the bandana-ed dude behind me totally lose his shit (why so excited, still not entirely clear; my guess: e). Mad props to Mix Master Mike for spinning some sick, sick beats, and though “Sabotage” was flubbed not once, but twice, it was humbling to hear Ad-Rock explain the sitch as “There is no tape; there is no iPod. This is live music y’all.”


French act Phoenix drew a tent full of non-Phish-goers, and the group provided just the write dose of pick-me-up jangling dance tunes to keep the momentum going. Songs from the group’s new “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” like utterly pleasing pop of “Lisztomania,” “Armistice” and “1901,” were tight and upbeat, while older tunes like the “Lost in Translation”-soundtracked “Too Young” added a synthesized sparkling sheen to the more guitar-fueled new material.


As for Public Enemy, the group killed it, period. From the media area next to the stage it was amazing to see Chuck D and Flavor Flav still spit sick rhymes like they haven’t missed a beat since “It Takes a Nation” was released in 1988. The crowd here was beyond stoked to see these old-schoolers up on the stage again; it was a sight to be seen, for sure.

Day three so far has seen a shower, the procuring of Red Bull, and twittering (tweeting?) with Brett Dennen. Two of my all-time favs, Jenny Lewis and Wilco, are on tap later, along with the Boss, Bon Iver, NIN and more. And hey, it’s still sunny! Bonnaroo keeps getting better.



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28 09 2009
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[…] Night Live” performance, the Cadillac commercial, blogosphere buzz and its numerous summer apeearances for the boost in popularity (or, you know, just the excellence of its May-released “Wolfgang […]

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