In which our skin burns rather than muds

12 06 2009


Yeah “muds” isn’t a verb. Whatever. It’s sunny and it’s awesome, not rainy and disgusting. Hot, yes, but boy, what an improvement. Day two in the clear-skied Manchester, Tenn., started off slow and easy, a good transition from the hellish walk in the storm last night. After a quick stop by the Sonic Stage for a couple tunes from Neil Young’s English cousins Alberta Cross (with whom we chatted earlier today, video to come), it was off to the Dirty Projectors, to see what all the hype is about.

I’ll concede the group was better and much more energetic than I expected, as on record I have a hard time finding much to get excited about. But DP’s enthusiasm was infections, the tempo shifts, grooves and breakdowns enough to keep you on your toes. As a lady nearby stated, “I love chicks who sing” — couldn’t be truer here, with three-part girl harmonies adding a key melodic element. Bonus: David Byrne joining the band on his own curated stage.

After much mulling over the Santigold vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs dilemma, Santi was the winner, and a good choice at that. Flanked by two gold-jacketed dancers and a backed by a be-hatted band, Santi White got the whole tent shaking, and even went so far as to say this was the best audience she’s played for in the U.S. (I think that’s what she said. Something like that, at least.)

Santigold rolled through hits like “L.E.S. Artistes,” the Bud Light Lime- associated “Lights Out” (which she stopped and restarted thanks to sound trouble) and “Shove It,” which she preceded with a sample of Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn We Go Hard.” A pronounced bass livened up “Say Aha” and “Unstoppable,” the latter chugging along beside thick, syrupy synths. For the encore, she stole a trick from M.I.A.’s playbook and brought eager fans up onstage to dance with her. Normally I’d advise for her to find her own gimmick, but it was too funny to care. To the dude with no shirt and a backpack — you are my rockstar.

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13 06 2009

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16 06 2009
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