Bri Blahg… In A Van Down By A Puddle

12 06 2009

Day 2. Morning. Late night we were lashed by still more rain. My tent, missing a shock pole, has water puddled on the floor. Word to the wise… don’t buy a tent for $24.99 from uber discount grocer Aldi. (Also the produce is usually terrible there too.) I abandoned and slept on the floor of my van. I’ll call it a drill for our hard economic times. If I can’t figure out how to make a living hanging out at places like Bonnaroo, and the world doesn’t in fact need more ditch diggers, this will be my home.

The guest camping area (for people who paid a premium and sniveling journalist types like myself) now resembles a rice paddy built by morphine addicts. If we get much more wet weather there will be no driving out of guest camping. We’ll live here awaiting for future Bonnaroos. In 2020 Nick Jonas’ jam band Hollowed Apple will reunite and headline two nights. Phil Lesh and Friends will be there too.

Focus is needed. We have a busy day ahead. Interviews with Ben Sollee (brilliant musician who is touring on a bicycle). Alberta Cross (we already have some photos posted from their set below.) Portugal The Man (a highlight from Thursday night), Everest (signed to Neil Young Vapor label…) and soul singer Raphael Saadiq. So many incredible shows today too. Gomez, Kaki King, Grizzly Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On the Radio, The Reverend Al Green, Santigold etc. The latter is playing in That Tent. Friday’s lineup there is being currated by David Byrne. Byrne is playing a set on The Which Stage tonight opposite The Beastie Boys. I won’t be the only jackass standing there hoping in vain that Byrne decides to play “Don’t Worry About The Government” or some other T-Heads gem. I doubt he does that stuff though.

Early this morning it was bright and sunny. Clouds are gathering though. Clearly the Gods are angry.



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