Bri Blahg… Day 2 Afternoon. Fancy Fingers and Cold Beer Left In The Cooler

12 06 2009

Day two afternoon. Hey no rain… yet. Gomez kicked off the Which Stage just before 1pm. I had some cool pictures, but then my camera got all whiggy. We lost them. Shit golden donkeys. We grabbed our alotted two minutes of video though and we’ll have that up asap. Gomez are a band of such confidence, providing a warm all over early afternoon groove. They never disappoint.

We blew through The Bud Troo Music stage next. Sans cold Budweiser (Lordy how that would have been good) we picked up a few minutes of LA roots rockers Everest. I love the live abandon. Two guitars are fine I suppose, but three? Everest pour a frothy brew with three. Since the boys record for Neil Young’s Vapor Label, and just finished a tour with him, Neil ought to just cut a record with them. Everest and I will confab at 5pm.

Kaki King is someone I can’t quite do justice here so I’ll just encourage you to follow up. We had time for two songs, the first she played lap steel, the second, a very percussive acoustic guitar. Kaki is in her own world musically. Very interesting.

Ben Sollee took a few minutes to chat with us at The Solar Stage. His tour by bicycle culminated with his appearences at Bonnaroo this weekend. Ben covered around 350 miles this week. He doesn’t play the tin whistle though. Solee lugs a cello on his specially designed transporation. Sollee had a filmaker along for the trip and you can already see some of the footage on his site.




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