Bri Blahg: Bonnaroo Day 1 I’m A Mudder

12 06 2009

Nothing wipes you out quite like getting rained on.  We sure did today. One nasty late morning squall, and a couple of night time duluges. Caught the brunt of the last one. Now I am Bonnarooed. (Splattered with mud, crusty with dried sweat, craving some pizza and a good stiff drink)

Chatted up some nice people this afternoon. Passion Pit we have interviewed before. Watch the piece we shot for below. Zac Brown Band spent some quality time with us as well. Good southern, hard working gentlemen. We have that one just below too.

Live tonight we snatched video and stills of Chairlift. I haven’t heard anything like them in quite some time. They remind me of Everything But The Girl. Solange guested on a song and that was pretty dang cool.

Portugal The Man packed them in. They have this history of rock thing going. The kids loved them too. I’m far from a kid, but I was digging it.

We capped the evening with Passion Pit. Lots of anticipation in the air for them (not to mention glad handers slogging through the side stage mud for a primo view stage right). The young Boston band employ a lot of technology, much of it circa 1982. Lots of energy and good fun.

I’m done. Pizza time.



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