Bri Blahg… Jarvis Cocker’s Dry Snapped Branch

1 06 2009

by Brian Phillips (@BrianBlahg)

I can’t explain it. Every time I hear a song by UK alt glam band Pulp I like it a lot… and yet I don’t own one of their albums. That will change soon after all the fun I’ve been having with front man Jarvis Cocker’s latest solo title “Further Complications.” I believe this is one of funniest records I’ve ever heard.

On “Complications” Cocker, who recently split with his wife, unflinchingly and rather humorously confronts the life of a sexually frustrated middle aged rocker. “Angela” has Cocker pining for a nearly 23 year old woman. He croons:

“I feel the sap rising tonight/a dry stick at the end of a branch/and an overzealous hand/he can’t glue it back/snapped off by Angela”

Throughout the record Cocker knows he’s trapped between his mountainous libido and inevitable erosion. Standing in the sand and pebbles he watches the girls go by:

“Trapped in a body that is failing me” (“Leftovers”)

And accepting his fate:

“I will never get to touch you/so I wrote this song instead/thinking about you lying on my bed/it’s gonna get inside your head/and it’s the best that I can do/this is the closest that I can get” (Fuckingsong”)

The music is tough, crunchy, and he plays it loose. It’s The Stooges without the swagger, Bowie sans make up and designer clothing and an album I cannot stop listening to.




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