Canceled Talib Kweli performance sparks riot at U. Minnesota

28 04 2009

Yikes. At Saturday’s Spring Jam at the University of Minnesota, a mass riot broke out after Talib Kweli canceled his scheduled performance.

According to a Minnesota Daily report: “Partygoers tore down street signs and trees to fuel fires that crowds had started around 8 p.m., residents said. People jumped on cars, rode in shopping carts and chanted around the fires as the evening progressed. Partygoers attempted to flip cars sporadically through the evening and harassed drivers attempting to navigate through the area.”

The story continues, saying about 70 officers were on the scene, who “used various chemical irritants, including gas and spray — commonly known as tear gas and mace — as well as riot sticks and projectiles, such as foam and marking rounds, for crowd control.”

Even more concerning are the students’ first-hand accounts of the incident. Says one person on the scene: “Some guy pulled a knife on my friend when he was trying to save my car … He told my friend to ‘stop ruining his fun.’”

You can read full accounts of the event here and here. But boy, can’t we all just get along? Here’s to hoping end-of-year bashes at other campuses run a bit more smoothly.




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