Of Montreal debuts new tune at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg

22 04 2009

Although the last time Of Montreal rolled through these parts, Kevin Barnes sat atop a living, breathing equine animal, committed suicide and made a friend of mine trip out so badly she ran out of the venue almost in tears, the band’s three-night stand at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg last week was a bit more, uh, tame, to say the least. There were still animal masks, Barnes’ bare hip bones and plenty of other stimulating treats, but it was a fairly straightforward set for the most part. The group did preview a new song, though, “Coquet Coquet.” It’s a bouncy little ditty, but note that delicious guitar shreddage; definitely a welcomed shift in direction from Barnes’ shape-shifting overindulgences of late. Check video below.

Opener Janelle Monae, about whom we’ve raved before, joined the group onstage for a who-can-out-charisma-who cover of David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream.” Sorry, Kevin, you know I love ya, but it’s gonna be tough for anyone to outshine this chick.




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18 05 2009

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