SXSW Saturday: In which Rachael Ray is a let down

22 03 2009

…. food-wise, at least.

For whatever reason, Rachael Ray’s showcases at SXSW are a hot commodity, and the line to get into it this year was among the longest I’d seen at the fest (you can’t compete with Metallica. Sorry, Rachey). It’s not like she’s actually there in person or anything (Update: She was in attendance, apparently. Guess I was wrong place, wrong time), people just like the idea that she’s even associated with the festival I guess (yeah, yeah, she did have New York Dolls and the Hold Steady on the bill, that might have something to do with it).

In any case, I made my way over to Maggie Mae’s and hopped right in through the VIP line, only to find that the food offerings were nothing more than mini chili burgers on dry biscuits and oddly seasoned mac ‘n’ cheese. Big, big disappointment. To all the folks in line, you didn’t miss much.

Except for, of course, the music. I caught part of Ra Ra Riot, whom I’ve seen play about a million times already (do they EVER stop touring? Spend some time in the studio writing new tunes, dudes), and the group mostly seemed exhausted but in good spirits (which is about how everyone felt at that point on Saturday), and upstairs New York Dolls made up for all the unfortunate food with a killer cover of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.”

So lucky for you, Rachael, the bands trumped your poor buffet. Yumm-o, more like gross-o. Yeah, gross-o, I went there. (I also haven’t slept more than three hours in five days.)




2 responses

23 03 2009
Dena G

ACTUALLY Rachel Ray WAS there
She was popping around all day and introducing bands
and there was more food upstairs
Tacos and something else
I didn’t want to wait in line for food though everything smelled amazing it didn’t look at grate

23 03 2009
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