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22 03 2009

Friday was jampacked with activity from about 10 a.m. to 6 a.m., starting out with retrieving a found wallet at the Austin Police Department (and as I promised the officer who picked it up, I’m obligated to say, “The Austin Police Department treated me well”).

At the Village Voice party we had a semi-awkward-because-I-turned-into-a-16-year-old-nervous-fangirl chat with Cursive, who talked the band’s new set, its place in the Omaha music scene and the ever-lucrative profession of berry farming. Inside, Crystal Antlers pounded away at very brief but very killer set before free Mexican was had and Cursive took the stage. The Nebraska boys are consistently great live, and the party was no exception, but again, my perception is somewhat biased (check back soon for video).

Later over at the SPIN Magazine party at Stubbs, Black Lips were wrapping up to the quickly crowding venue, as people packed in to catch headliner Echo & the Bunnymen. We had a chance to talk with the band prior to the set, which the group nailed, sending the venue into hysterics when it closed out with “Lips Like Sugar.”

There had been rumblings all week that Peter Bjorn & John were straight up pissing people off at their shows, not knowing how to properly play the tracks off their new album live, fumbling with instruments, and in general begin unapologetic about it all. I was able to see for myself over at the FADER Fort, and to be fair, it didn’t sound THAT bad, but that’s also taking into consideration that the new effort isn’t all that fantastic to begin with. The group has seemed to have lost the pop perfection heard throughout its debut, “Writer’s Block,” and people are taking note. Hopefully they will as well.

Later, after School of Seven Bells at Radio Room (I feel like I’ve written about them a lot in the past, and out of fear of getting redundant, they’re great. Check it. Though I am heartbroken to know one of the girls is dating M83’s Anthony Gonzolez. Sigh.), I was off to catch Late of the Pier, who wound up having its set canceled. By that point it was too late to haul ass across town for Primal Scream, so instead I opted for drinks at the absolutely lovely Driskill Hotel, which eventually turned into an absolutely insane hotel room party that we didn’t stumble out of til dawn. Also, Metallica played. — Jill Menze




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