SXSW Friday… And Into Saturday. Well into Saturday

21 03 2009

I have to stop every so often and think real hard when things have happened. Friday seems like five days ago. That’s a good thing. Life is full this week.

I started things off by chatting up Star Death and The White Dwarf… aka the band comprised of The Flaming Lips road crew. The Lips are certainly an influence, but Star Death are into soul music too and work that into some of their music. I’m happy to report the fellas say Wayne Coyne is a good boss who treats them well. I tried to organize them into a union, but they politely declined.

From there it was Trophy’s on the south side for our pals The Lonely H. If you feel rock n roll needs saving, then here’s your saviors. It’s kick ass 70’s style rock n roll hold the pretension. The new stuff visits a bit in the country rock world and it all sounds confident. New album in June. Already on my Ipod neener neener big fat weener to you.

Using connections I’m not disposed to reveal (alright Jill Menze from Uwire got me in.) I was able to gain entry into The Spin Magazine throw down at Stubb’s Bar B Que. The Black Lips were loud as hell and I loved every second. Then it was backstage (which is actually dirt and some grass, not very glamorous). I spent some quality time with Will Sergeant of Echo & The Bunnymen. He’s a nice chap and we talked about old garage rock, and soul bands he plays on his weekly radio show. Then I salivated visibly as he mentioned his vintage tube stereo gear and juke box. Will revealed he has a businesslike relationship with Ian McCulloch and that he has a pint every Tuesday with retired Bunnyman Les Pattinson who now works on boats for fun.

Perry Farrell brought on the band. Perry needs to eat. It was a nice intro as The Janes Addiction leader seemed very excited to be bringing on one of his favorite bands.
Echo were great again, and I had a primo vantage point. (Note… Echo are one of my favorite bands. I will say pretty much anything they do is great.)

From there it was the priceless Theresa Andersson at Antone’s. Using an array of pedals the lovely Swede looped herself on violin, guitar, and drums. Before our eyes she assembled the parts she needed to build each song. And wait until you hear her sing! Quickly capturing herself on pedals, she brought forth a choir of Theresas, sendin the songs to their moving crescendo. I’m not doing it justice. You just have to see her. YOU HAVE TO! She’s utterly brilliant and left me speechless. We’ll have video up soon.

Dashing down to The Austin Music Hall I took my place with actual professional photographers and decided to take the Hunter S. Thompson approach to covering the story. That is I had the bartender pour me a few fingers of Bourbon. Holding their cameras and progressively more phallic lenses the pros eyed me with thinly veiled disgust. Tough turf people. I have an orange tag on my teeny tiny HD camera. I’ll put another tag on my cup of Jim Beam if it’ll help. Finishing my cocktail just in time I took position front and center. It’s good thing Devo was loud so I wouldn’t have to hear them mentally elbowing me to the ground. I did it all for you. Well except for the Jim Beam, that was for me. My video and a interview is up now with my shockingly steady handed footage.

After we were escorted from the photography pit I dashed across town for a few minutes of The New York Dolls. Solid, but…. I mean I wish Johnny Thunders were still alive.

I then crammed some food in my face and ducked into The Kid Sister show. Her brother is part of Flosstradamus and he was there. For some reason I was allowed to sit on stage and shoot. Everyone was having such a great time no one questioned my qualifications… unlike those guys at Devo.

Saturday wraps things…. I’ve got a powwow with Jon Langford from The Mekons. His band The Waco Brothers are playing and they kick major arse. Then it’s Modern Skirts, Langhorn Slim, live shooting at Tinted Windows, and Silversun Pickups. I’ll try to be more professional.




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