Pretty & Nice spazz @ Sub Pop showcase, 3/19

21 03 2009

It’s common knowledge that every media outlet is in hot pursuit of “the next big band” at SXSW, and this journo thinks she’s found hers (whoa @ that loaded statement!). I’ve been hyping Boston dance-punks Pretty & Nice for months now, since I randomly stumbled across their second release Get Young last October. SPIN agrees with me, apparently, as the mag placed the band on its list of top nine unknown bands to watch at SXSW ’09.

photo by Jillian Mapes

I headed to the band’s 12:30 a.m. performance at the Sub Pop showcase at Radio Room on Wednesday, where the band’s nu new wave ways came across even more dynamically live. A bit of well-intentioned, light-hearted snark can works wonders in a room full of show-dwellers who are probably sick of the ill-willed, pretentious snark running rampant among unknown bands at an outlet like SXSW, which elevates relatively obscure bands to superstar “buzz” levels. Pretty & Nice proved this by having one helluva time on stage and infecting the audiences with their unstoppable fun vibes.

Comparisons to The Futureheads have been made, but I feel as though that comparison falls slightly flat for Pretty & Nice. The band seems to embrace the lo-fi surf-pop feeling behind a band like Vivian Girls, such as on the song “Wandering Eye.” The track, among others on Get Young, certainly add new dimensions uncommon in current indie dance-rock, classic new wave and ’60s pop. Spastic as spitfire and ready to use those falsettos, Pretty & Nice are next on the list for buzz machine famedom. Just trust me on this one — I’m prone to overarching statements but I’m feeling dead-on in regards to Pretty & Nice.

Sub Pop synth stalwarts Handsome Furs played next at the Radio Room patio on Thursday night. I unfortunately only caught the last several songs of the husband-wife duo’s late-night set…and Alexei Perry’s unbelievable dance moves twitches and facial contortions. All I can say is holy crap, which I believe were the exact thoughts of my fellow show-goers, too. — Jillian Mapes




One response

21 03 2009
dj shredder

i love their song pirhanna since “get young” was in rotation last spring. pretty and nice is such a fun band.

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