Wave on with punk’s newest heroes and heroines

20 03 2009

Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls are surf punk pioneers, and their sets at Urban Outfitters on Thursday is solid proof that noise is power.

Crystal Stilts


Sporting five fiery musicians, Crystal Stilts made waves with its powerful guitar noise and simple drumming style. The band was unstoppable in the face of technical difficulties.

Kyle Forester, keyboardist, managed to keep his head above water when his mini keyboard stopped working. His short term solution involved pounding his clenched knuckles against the keys. His fists of fury were put away when he pulled out a replacement keyboard between songs.

Crystal Stilts’ raw power made for an impressive set.

Vivian Girls

Girls just want to have fun, and Vivian Girls are no exception. Your heart would have to be in a coma if you don’t fall in love with Vivian Girls. The trio has enough spunk and musical allure to attract the snobbiest rock critics. Vivian Girls’ spirit is as attractive as it is infectious; its loud, catchy punk tunes are not to be missed live. Also, kudos to a band that switches instruments midsong.




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