SXSW Day Two: TOD blows away Lucky Lounge

20 03 2009

Despite the fact that the line outside Radio Room for the Paste/Brooklyn Vegan showcase stretched for blocks, walking up and demanding entrance somehow worked, and I was able to take a break from a long day of interviewing (look for vids of Annuals, Amazing Baby and Inward Eye to c0me) on the back patio with Magic Hat and a sweet potato quesadilla (not terribly great).

In the outside tent, Daniel Johnston offered up a rousing set to a packed crowd of hot, sweaty and VERY excited hipsters. He seemed in fine spirits, but from so far in the back it was hard to get a good view or hear well, so back inside I caught the tail end of These Arms Are Snakes as they crawled across the stage, jumped on chairs and sang outside the window to the still-blocks-long line. Everyone within five feet of the band was soaked in their sweat. Dudes gotta have one smelly tour van.

Later that day, I got a nice break from the madness at the AP gifting suite, where friends chilled on couch beds outdoors enjoying free cocktails and kick-ass SWAG. Afterwards … And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead blew the roof off the intimate Lucky Lounge for the Justice Records Party, literally jumping around in the crowd,  jacking up the amps and throwing beer bottles against the wall. The vocals were a little off in the mix, but the group tore through cuts off its latest February-released “The Century of Self.” It was guitar-fueled chaos in the best possible way, though a couple goodies from “Source Tags & Codes” would have been a nice treat. We’ll be interviewing TOD later this week, so stay tuned for footage.




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