The Drones: Music For Depressives and Alcoholics

19 03 2009

I wrapped up two SXSW interviews at the downtown Hilton Lobby. In front of a soothing fountain in the downtown Hilton lobby The Drones reported that being hungover was just like jetlag. Which is to say they are fully acclimated to American time zones, but perhaps not immune to massive quantities of local favorite Shiner Bock. Nonetheless the band forged ahead with our on camera chat. Band leader Gareth Liddiard says The Drones’ audience has expanded beyond what he once called “depressives and alcoholics.” I suppose that wider audience would include me though I have been both drunk and depressed in my life, sometimes at the same time.

click the picture to watch the interview

The Drones have a sound only Australians seem able to draw up from the dust. It’s equal parts Delta blues and country on a bed of glorious guitar noise. What a force these hung over Aussies are! Loud…. brain liquifying loud and chewy to the center. If I see another band I’ve never seen as good as this one in Austin I’ll count myself a lucky man and throw myself in the above inferno. I even bought a shirt. I haven’t bought a shirt at a show since I was a kid and saw The Scorpions. The Drones are way better and way less German.

Brian Phillips




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