The Avett Brothers leave audience hungry @ 3/18 NPR Showcase

19 03 2009

As I prepared to see North Carolina alt-country superstars (the fangirl in me thinks so, at least) The Avett Brothers for the second time in ten months (first time was at the Nelsonville Art and Music Fest last May), I was reminded how much the spacial context of a show can make it an entirely different experience. For a fest with few true “big name” mainstream artists, the show sure seemed like a big-time concert.

photo by Jillian Mapes

Crowds were packed into Stubb’s, a shockingly large sizable venue compared to the dive bars and patio stages common at SXSW. If the photo pit for press is any indicator, every music press outlet was vying for pics of Avett Brothes, and more importantly, The Decemberists.

The crowd seemed terribly unsatisfied with the six-song set from the brothers Avett and co. Favorites from “Emotionalism” and their latest EP “The Gleam II,” such as the touching tale of familial love “Murder in the City” (cue the *awwwws*). The band ended the set with a new piano-led ballad ballad, titled “I and Love and You,” whose harmonizations added depth to the stripped-down track. — Jillian Mapes




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