SXSW Wednesday Afternoon: Tallboys & Sweat

19 03 2009

The afternoon started without promise, but ended with a river of booze sweat wecking fom four Aussies who knew what for….
So I had to walk out to this joint east of downtown called Co-lab to cover Austin band The Steps…. Half through my two mile jaunt their manager called to inform me that the fire marshall had shut them down…. Too many people, and apparantly some sort of fire danger was in the air. I’m not a fool. Sensing that I may be walking into my death I turned back and made the most of my brush with mortality.
1. Stubb’s Bar B Que was my initial stop. Pulled pork, mac and cheese, slaw and two Austin Ambers thank you. Mr. Stubb pulls a mighty pig.
2. Cash…. The machines crammed between every bar here charge $5.50 for a withdrawl. Why don’t you just hold a bowie knife up to my neck. Drunken U.T. kids may line up for that sort of anal violation, but not this old goat. I’m not nearly drunk enough yet. I secured funds for a much more civil $1.50 at a convience store.
3. Red Eyed Fly. Success! First it was Sweden’s Tallest Man On Earth, who is actually a short Swedish guy with a thing for American acoustic-billy. Compelling stuff.
4. The Drones. Oh my friggin Lord. What a force these hung over Aussies are! Sonic Youth meets the delta blues meets a sprinkle of Americana. Loud…. brain liquifying loud and chewy to the center. If I see another band I’ve never seen as good as this one in Austin I’ll count myself a lucky man and throw myself in the above inferno. I even bought a shirt. I haven’t bought a shirt at a show since I was a kid and saw The Scorpions. The Drones are way better and way less German.
Tonight? Jesus Made The Shotgun Sound, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Circle Jerks (hope I can get in) Decemberists (ditto) and Fake Problems. Ready…. break!
(by the way I have all this cool Flip Camera video and I can’t upload it right now because the USB ports on this piece of shit computer are busted. Bloody hell!)




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