NoisePop ’09 Recap

4 03 2009

At a summer festival it’s open space, air, and sun, all of the band’s appearing in a small area, if not on the same stage. At Noisepop, a winter festival in wet and hilly San Francisco, it’s shuttling through the closeness of city streets and skyscrapers from venue to venue. A scattershot festival, each night three or more artists appear at venues as varied as the austere Nob Hill Masonic and the industrial Independent.

The audience demographic mirrors this diversity of venue with high-school hipsters, hip-hoppers, yuppies, and urban audiophiles young and old. The festival roster catered to the tastes of each, from poppy independent outfit The Morning Benders to severe and operatic Antony and the Jonhsons to the heavy-metal humor of Goblin Cock. The festival complemented these performances with art and film diurnal diversions. Noisepop, in its 17th year, remains an important Independent Culture Festival in one of the scene’s truest strongholds, San Francisco.




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