Noise Pop ’09: Thee Oh Sees @ Cafe Du Nord

27 02 2009

In contrast to the high rafter roofs of many venues, Cafe Du Nord’s red-light, low-ceiling basement stage well suited the garage post-punk performances of the night. Headliners The Oh Sees’ sound expanded this closeted space through cosmic vocal reverb into an infinite echo chamber. Their trifecta-plus teams curly haired tambourine playing vocalist Brigid Dawson with nerd tatted guitarist Petey Dammit, stoic drummer Mike Shoun and Marlboro-rough frontman John Dwyer.

The sweetness of Dawson’s voice overrode vocal effect to pair well with Dwyer’s gain distorted delivery, the mic swallowed into his mouth. Such oral fixation hardly ended there: ceaselessly soliciting drinks from the crowd, Dwyer called off the encore after spending the set playing guitar with a beer hanging handless from his mouth. Characteristic of his sharp sociability, Dwyer’s guitar bore the bumpersticker “Thank You” on the bank, simply so he wouldn’t have to say so.

Click the image below to watch our entertaining interview with the band.




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