Noise Pop: Night 2 at Slim’s

26 02 2009

Ian Ferguson San Francisco, CA
Matt Costa’s show at Slim’s began at 8:00pm, although he didn’t play until 10:15pm. In the two hours preceding his set, three bands took to stage.

photo by Adam Planas

The first band, San Francisco – Sacramento native Two Sheds (yes that’s a Monty Python reference, and no, we weren’t able to interview them about their sheds), harmony hushed through country lullabies. This soothing set seemed somewhat too sedate for a venue like Slim’s, but still kept the high-school kiddies holding spots for Costa’s show with claws out entertained.

Robert  Francis appeared next. With a fur traders cap on, he looked the backwoods American that lap steel and lonely-sparse lyrics proved his music to be.

photo by Adam Planas

The final opener, Brisbane, Australia’s An Horse, held the audience’s hearing as if they, not Costa, were the headliners. A two-piece drum-guitar outfit with confident chemistry and perfect communication, guitarist Kate Copper and drummer Damon Cox play a rollicking style of indie-rock. Through the use of felt-tipped drum heads on an open tom, a tambourine attached to the drum’s high-hat, and anthemic verse repetition, the two sound a much fuller band than they in fact are. Despite that the band’s album Rearrange Beds is only available abroad (March 17th is the U.S. release date), a number of audience members lipped along to the lyrics.

Damon (An Horse), Adam Planas, Ian Ferguson, Kate (An Horse

We had the opportunity to interview An Horse before the show, (and get our picture snapped with the duo) and their humor on camera translated well onstage. The saying goes that you can lead An Horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. However, with Australia in drought, as the two sipped water between songs they joked that it was what they were being paid in.




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