Noise Pop ’09: Antony and the Johnsons

25 02 2009

Adam Planas, San Francisco, CA
Walking into the Nob Hill Masonic Center, a bustling crowd huddled together around the unique assortment of liquors and candy bars. Talking about their politics, religions, hedge funds, and other related topics, young mixed with old, jeans mixed with slacks, and tattoos mixed with bowties. With all our differences aside, once we entered the theatre, the scene was black and all were equal, focusing on the stage that glowed before us.

As Antony and the Johnsons appeared from behind the stage, they entered to a roaring crowd and proceeded to fulfill everyone’s expectations. The music was mesmerizing and the only things preventing the crowd from hypnosis were the operatic melodies sung by Antony Hegarty. His music was a distinctive mixture of ballads and symphonies, with just the right amount of experimental jazz so that you never got too comfortable. Song after song, the crowd wanted more, and he even amazed everyone with a Beyonce cover. Before he ended the set, he told a story about how San Francisco reminded him of all the events that happened when
he lived here during his teen years. The nostalgia made him realize that he “buries little bits of gold in different gardens” as he travels throughout the world. After a stunning performance and a standing ovation, I think we all can agree that he will always be welcome in the city of the Golden Gate.




One response

26 02 2009
Andrew Weissman

Nice. I was at the show – one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, I am only now fully digesting

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